Royal Chef Selection

Royal Chef Selection is a family owned and operated wholesale meat business selling direct to the public and food service industry. It specializes in cooked and fresh meat solutions, tailored to individual customer needs, sourced from MSA Beef, Tasmanian Lamb, as well as from a full range of Pork, Poultry and Game products. Royal Chef Selection also processes and packages Organic Beef, Lamb and Pork product for other wholesalers and on sellers.

Based on its extensive experience, Royal Chef Selection serves a wide customer base. Our customers include  Food Chains, Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants, Nursing Homes and Cafes, as well as to the public via phone orders, predominantly but not exclusively in southeast Queensland.

Royal Chef Selection is founded on the provision of quality meat, great service and extensive experience in the meat industry. It is managed by members of the Melrose family, who have a proud history in the meat industry dating back to the 1880’s in the Brisbane retail/wholesale market, including involvement throughout the entire production and supply chain. Our staff and extended management team have a combined 250 years of experience on the ground. Royal Chef Selection has an excellent understanding of our customer’s needs and requirements. We supply an extensive range of products including Branded Beef and Lamb produced to the highest quality.

 (07) 3379 2499
Royal Chef Selection has a motivated and experienced team of people committed to satisfying your expectations, so regardless whether pasture fed beef or lamb, MSA guaranteed tender, hormone free meat we will do our best to ensure we deliver the right product every time. Royal Chef Selection continues to build alliances with all of our customers to ensure a sound and solid partnership into the future.